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JBlueLineAE - Android Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a version for the iPhone be released?
No. The makers of the iPhone made the slightly odd decision to dictate applications be written in "Objective-C" instead of more mainstream languages like C++ or Java. Anyway, JBlueLine is written in Java, and an iPhone release would require a complete re-write from the bottom up which I am unwilling to do. Remember, the 'J' in JBlueLine is for 'Java'.
Can you silence the software 'beep' on fault?
Yes. In the Ringing Preferences, set the volume to zero.
Can I stop the phone from vibrating on fault?
Yes. In the Ringing Preferences, unselect that option.
Can I install up to date libraries from the Internet?
Yes, go to the "Library Preferences" and set the location for the file library collections to be stored locally, then click on the download button to retrieve them from the Internet. See the instructions for installing the library files.
Can the software do spliced?
The Android platform makes this a possibility for the future, but its a lot of work to code, having done this before for the Psion version.
Why don't you use the new XML format libraries?
Because the Surprise Major collection alone is larger than 3 MB, even zipped it is still over 300 kB. In other words, the installation (JAR) file size would be far too large! Moreover, the extra information provided does not enhance the JBlueLineME software, so the MicroSIRIL format will more than suffice.

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