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JBlueLineME - Mobile Edition

Compatibility Issues

Unavoidably, the software 'JAR' file (the distributable package) is about 250 kB in size. 150 kB of this size comes from the MicroSIRIL library files alone. As a result, early versions of the software previously working on Nokia 6280 handsets stopped working when the libraries were added to the JAR file. Early versions of J2ME Virtual Machines stuck to a 50 kB file size limit. This limit has been exceed with recent versions of the virtual machine implementation, but there are still plenty of devices in use that will retain that limit. Therefore, in order to load this software onto your device, it is imperative that your Java (J2ME) Virtual Machine accepts JAR files up to 300 kB.

Even if your phone accepts the larger JAR file sizes, you may not be allowed to load this application onto your device. It may refuse to let you load applications whose origin cannot be verified via a signed certificate. Unfortunately, it costs about £400 for such a certificate to sign the application with, and this is prohibitively expensive for a private, non-commercial organisation. More likely, the service operator is protecting a revenue opportunity by only allowing applications, e.g. games, to be downloaded over-the-air (OTA) from their own offerings. This means they receive payment for both the game and any air-time used to download the game.

This application will be available for download over-the-air, but by far the most convenient way to load an application onto a device is via a USB cable. Your device ought to have come with a CD-ROM containing any necessary software to connect your device to a computer. You will have to consult your device's manual in order to transfer the application, there are simply too many different devices, connection methods, makes and models to be able to provide any support on this issue. When requesting a registration code, you are asked to confirm that you have already tried the software on your phone. The responsibility for verifying the installation remains yours.

The following table will be maintained as new information is learned. Updating the table will only be possible if customers offer that information, particularly when ordering a registration code. As a minimum, the software requires the device's version of Java to implement the CLDC-1.1 and MIDP 2.0 standards. A colour screen is highly recommended (especially for the 'Grid' view of a method), but grey scale screens will survive (but sadly these devices are likely to be too old to cope with the JAR file size requirements).

Compatibility Table

Device Make Device Model 'Standard' version 'Fileconn' version Comments
Blackberry Bold 9000 Yes Yes Required additional code to correctly detect the Blackberry's non-standard thumb-wheel key events. This was fully fixed in version 1.13.
Curve Yes ?
8800 Yes Yes
Storm 2 Yes ? See advice on how to ring a method.
Dopod 696 Yes ?  
565 Yes ?  
C500 Yes ?  
E-Ten Glofiish X500+ Yes ?  
HP iPAQ 214 Yes ?  
iPAQ 914c Yes ?  
HTC Himalaya (Andes) Yes Yes Also rebranded as "Qtek 2020", "i-Mate PocketPC", "Dopod 696", "O2 XDA-II", "T-Mobile MDA-II", and "Orange SPV M1000".
S710 Yes ? Also rebranded as "Dopod C500" and "Orange SPV E650".
S730 Yes ?  
Touch HD Yes ?  
Touch Pro Yes No User supplied information for JBlueLineME Ver 1.14.0. Win Mobile 6.5, MIDP Version 2.0. JBlueLineME standard version works, though with a couple of foibles. This is a hybrid touch screen & slide out keyboard phone, so it has no hardware cursor keys. When trying to ring in portrait mode, the soft keyboard dumps itself on top of the ringing line, making it a tad difficult to see what's going on. Bizarrely, sliding the phone open to access the hardware keyboard results in a Java error pop up requiring a MIDlet restart due to the screen rotation. Once restarted though, all runs fine in landscape mode. JBlueLine Fileconn will not install it just kicks a file permissions error towards the end of the install.
Typhoon Yes ? Also rebranded as "Qtek 8010", "i-Mate SP3", "Dopod 565", "Orange SPV C500".
TyTN II Yes ? Also rebranded as "Qtek TyTN II".
i-Mate PocketPC Yes ?  
SP3 Yes ?  
LG KG800 Yes No  
KP501 Yes ?  
Motorola U6 Pebble Yes ?  
Moto RAZR V3 Yes ? Slow library search.
Moto RAZR2 V8 Yes ?  
MWg UBiQUiO 503g Yes ?  
Nokia 301
(Series 40)
Yes ? Required transfer via PC. Using OTA gives the error "Compatability certificate not loaded".
3120 classic
(Series 40)
Yes ?  
(Series 40)
No No  
5200 No No  
5220 XpressMusic
(Series 40)
Yes ?  
(3rd Generation Series 40)
No No JAR file size limit, probably around the 50 kB size.
(Series 40)
No No JAR file not recognised (perhaps too large?).
C7 Yes ? The standard version seems to install and run fine, but, being a touch-only device, seems to lack any way to do the "ringing" activity.
(S60 3rd Edition)
Yes ?  
E7 Yes ?  
(S60 3rd Edition)
Yes ?  
(S60 3rd Edition)
Yes Yes  
(S60 3rd Edition)
I expect this to be fixed now. ? There appears to be a problem with Nokia's RecordStore implementation, which may be widely spread such as all Series 60 devices have the same problem. The problem was that exiting the application takes far too long, about 15 minutes in fact. This has been diagnosed as being due to the application saving settings on exit. The current solution is a run-time test for this device ("Platform" in the 'About' dialogue box) and then disable saving of settings. Loosing that particular convenience is the lesser of two evils. This is fixed as of version 1.8, but Nokia 6110 Navigator devices must use the unsigned installation package. OTA installation is reported not to work on the N95 device.
(S60 3rd Edition)
Yes ?
6110 Navigator
(S60 3rd Edition)
Yes Yes
O2 XDA-II Yes Yes  
Orange SPV C500 Yes ?  
SPV M1000 Yes ?  
SPV E650 Yes ?  
Palm PDA Life Drive Yes Yes  
TX Yes Yes  
Qtek 2020 Yes ?  
8010 Yes ?  
TyTN II Yes ?  
Sagem my-V76 No No Certainly cannot install by IRDA. Manual indicates a 200 kB JAR file size upper limit.
my-V55 No No  
Samsung D600 Yes ?  
E900 No No JAR file not recognised (perhaps too large?).
GT-S5230 Yes ?  
J600i Yes ?  
J700 No No  
S5620 Yes ? Branded 'Monte', 'Onix' and 'Kabuki'
Tocco SGH-F480 Yes ?  
Tocco Lite Yes ?  
W880i Yes ?  
Sony Ericsson K550i Yes ?  
K610i Yes Yes  
K700i Yes Yes  
K750i Yes Yes  
K800i Yes ?  
K810i Yes ?  
V630i Yes Yes Read permissions will always be requested the first time a directory is entered. There is no way to always allow file reads, its either "never" or "ask once".
W810i Yes ?  
W880i Yes ?  
T-Mobile MDA-II Yes ?  

Where '?' means 'worth a try'.

Please help me to compile this table by letting me know which phones or PDAs the software has been tried on and with what level of success by email to . Thanks!

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