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JBlueLineME - Mobile Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you silence the software 'beep' on fault?
Yes. In the Ringing Preferences, set the volume to zero.
Can I stop the phone from vibrating on fault?
Yes. In the Ringing Preferences, unselect that option.
Can I install up to date libraries from the Internet?
Yes, providing your J2ME Virtual Machine supports the (optional JSR 75) FileConnection package, and you have installed the 'fileconn' version of the software and you have the capacity to store the library files unzipped on your device. This may require you to install a separate flash memory card if you have not already got one. See the instructions for installing the library files.
Can the software do spliced?
No. In order to make that possible, it really becomes necessary to be able to save "method sets", e.g. "Standard 8", and possibly touches too. Since saving will require the optional FileConnection package in all devices, it is very unlikely that feature will be implemented. Not to mention the amount of time needed to cut the code...and probably devices with more "umph" too.
How do I ring a method on the Blackberry Storm 2 device?
This device does not have cursor keys on the moulded casing. Angela Roskelly provides the following advice:
  1. After having selected the method press the menu button and choose 'ring'.
  2. Select your bell number using the number pad.
  3. Press the menu button and choose 'ring' and here you get the instruction, 'Press up to start'.
  4. Press the menu button and select show keyboard.
  5. Then press the menu button and press 'resume'.
  6. Then quickly lock the number pad on by pressing and holding the '!?123' button in the bottom left corner.
  7. Then on the number pad, press:
    • No. 1 to go in to the front,
    • No. 2 to make places and
    • No. 3 to go out to the back.
Why don't you use the new XML format libraries?
Because the Surprise Major collection alone is larger than 3 MB, even zipped it is still over 300 kB. In other words, the installation (JAR) file size would be far too large! Moreover, the extra information provided does not enhance the JBlueLineME software, so the MicroSIRIL format will more than suffice.
Why is there no icon associated with the application?
Because each device wants a different sized icon for best appearance, in any at all. That means increasing the range of packages created and making them device specific. Whilst a certain amount of that has happened already with the variety of packages now available, I am unable to predict the features of each phone and hence how to customise the package to a phone make and model.

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