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JBlueLineSE - Standard Edition

Version History

Minor increments will not be documented. These will be denoted by a non-zero last digit in the version number, i.e. "1.1.5".

1.0.0 - January 2007
Initial public release of the on-line version.
1.1.0 - February 2007
Added the ability to save method settings to the local disc for later retrieval. This means the definitions of calls can be saved and passed as email attachments to the rest of your band.
1.2.0 - 14 November 2007
First release of the on-line and desktop standard edition pair.
1.3.0 - 12 January 2007
Added an exact string match search option for method names (still case insensitive).
1.4.0 - 17 January 2008
Bug fixed when editing the place notation for a method without any defined calls.
2.0.0 - 18 February 2008
Added the 'Method Grid Editor'.
2.1.0 - 28 February 2008
Added a more comprehensive set of options for symmetrical editing of the grid.
2.2.0 - 8 April 2009
Provided a little face-lift through the addition of icons for the menu items and a hand pointer during a drag operation.
2.3.0 - 11 April 2009
Added scroll bars for navigating the method views. I finally worked out why I could not get them working before. As a result there have been several fundamental changes to the underlying code.
2.4.0 - 3 January 2010
Fixed a bug with derivation of calls for methods like Grandsire Minor.
2.5.0 - 10 August 2010
Fixed a bug with Original causing rotational symmetry detection problems, making the software fail to start.
2.5.1 - 29 April 2012
Save last used directory for reading and writing JBL files for initial use on next invocation.

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