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JBlueLineSE - Standard Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make the software 'beep' on a fault?
It already does. Perhaps the lack of sound is a problem your end, i.e. your speakers are turned off or have come unplugged recently?
Can the simulator ring in time with bells sounds?
Absolutely not, the software is designed for tower bell ringers not handbell ringers, and to test method recall, not striking. If that is the functionality you want, I can recommend you use Abel.
Why are the method libraries not the most recent?
Because you have set the software to read the method library from your local disc. You either need to read them from the Internet directly, or update your local method collection copy. See Preferences.
Can the software do spliced?
No. But the standard edition could be developed further in the future to accommodate this functionality. Presently, it is designed to mirror the functionality of the mobile edition.
Why don't you use the new XML format libraries?
Because the Surprise Major collection alone is larger than 3 MB, even zipped it is still over 300 kB. In other words, the installation (JAR) file size would be huge! Moreover, the extra information provided does not enhance the JBlueLineSE software, so the MicroSIRIL format will more than suffice.

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