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JBlueLineSE - Standard Edition

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The method collections are © Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and are included free of charge.


  • To provide an opportunity to learn methods really well before taking a rope to ring them.
  • To make the software available on desktop platforms, such as WinXP, Linux, MacOS, without needing to go on-line.
  • To raise money for St. Mark's Bell Fund. Proceeds will initially contribute towards remaining funds required for the restoration appeal. Following the restoration, funds will be put towards maintenance of the bells in general.
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It has been suggested that a great way to learn a method other than writing out lines on paper is to use a computer program (see Adobe Acrobat Document "Learning Methods"). The reasons for this are:

Until now, not even affordable software has really filled this need. Abel is excellent for handbell ringers where the relative timing of two bells against the others is essential for learning. The hope is this software provides an easier user interface for tower bell ringers to use. Where only one bell has to be guided through the changes, precise timing relative to the other bells is not important to prove the blue line has been correctly remembered, or the calls correctly understood. Now you can be doing your last minute method revision whilst you are waiting for the last ringer to arrive for your quarter peal or peal.

The desktop version of this software is shareware, so you can 'try before you buy'. If you would like a quick way to experience how the software works, a free on-line version is provided.

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