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The method collections are © Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and are included free of charge.


  • To provide an opportunity to learn methods really well before taking a rope to ring them.
  • To make the software available on mobile platforms, such as mobile phones as wells as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).
  • To raise money for St. Mark's Bell Fund. Proceeds will initially contribute towards remaining funds required for the restoration appeal. Following the restoration, funds will be put towards maintenance of the bells in general.
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Screen Shots

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Ringing Cambridge Surprise Minor.

JBlueLineME - Mobile Edition.


Ringing Cambridge Surprise Minor.

JBlueLineSE - Standard Edition.


Grid view of Avon Delight Maximus.

JBlueLineAE - Android Edition.

It has been suggested that a great way to learn a method other than writing out lines on paper is to use a computer program (see Adobe Acrobat Document "Learning Methods"). The reasons for this are:

Until now, not even affordable software has really filled this need. Abel is excellent for handbell ringers where the relative timing of two bells against the others is essential for learning. The hope is this software provides an easier user interface for tower bell ringers to use. Where only one bell has to be guided through the changes, precise timing relative to the other bells is not important to prove the blue line has been correctly remembered.

Software Platforms

JBlueLine is made available in three formats.

Android Edition Android icon For your 'Android' smartphone. Registration will be required after 30 days at a cost of £12 (UK Sterling). For that payment you get a license that covers your use of both the mobile and the off-line desktop versions. The 'Method Grid Editor' is not included, only a grid view.
Mobile Edition For your mobile 'device' such as a mobile / cell phone, or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). This version requires your device to have Java installed (J2ME). An applet provides an on-line demonstration of how the software looks and feels on a mobile phone.
Standard Edition A stand alone version for your desktop computer. You are no longer required to go on-line to use the software. Again you must have Java installed (J2SE). If you are not sure, try the 'Web Start' link first which will install anything you are missing. Once you have verified it is working, you can then download the software package to your computer for use without the Internet. This version has been made available by request from interested customers in spite of the free on-line version being available. Includes a 'Method Grid Editor', where you can click on the grid to re-route the bells in order to create new methods.
On-line This version will run in most web browsers as long as you have Java installed (J2SE). A free version of the software made available to the public for unrestricted use.
iPhone This version will likely never be released unless iPhone suddenly starts supporting Java. See Android FAQ.    

Software Details

The software is written in Java using the J2SE platform for the standard or desktop edition. Whilst Java is OS and (largely) hardware independent, it is platform dependent. This software is dependent on a Personal Computer (Windows, Macintosh et al.) running J2SE. The mobile edition has been re-written for J2ME which will cover the mobile platforms, regardless of OS or handset manufacturer, again providing the manufacturer provides the Java Virtual Machine software for the J2ME standard.

The functionality of the software is heavily based on that of Blue Line for Psion Series 5 and Revo.

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